just a little man, doing little man things...

erix - hellbread - detergentt

they/he - queer + fluid - 06.feb.2003 - russian
hobbyist artist - last year college student - unemployed

furry, tf2, half-life, mafia, metal gear, mortal kombat, etc.

i tweet in both russian and english languages.
i dont like/retweet nsfw content on main, but i do draw gore art very often, as well as post cropped nsfw works of mine.
i vent occasionaly.
i may say/tweet dumb stuff when i get drunk, but i always announce it beforehand.
neopronouns make me feel dysphoric, so i will more likely use either gender-neutral pronouns or any non-neopronouns of your choice.
i softblock/block all antis (aka morons that start witchhunts on people that ship/like stuff they don't like), no hard feelings.
i prefer to stay out of drama, so dont tell me if someone i interact with is/was problematic; i have my own functioning brain for deciding if they're worth my time.

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